March 30, 2021: Oregon Bottle Drop 20% Match Opportunity

Mountainside Band Families and Friends,

Oregon BottleDrop is matching our bottle/can collections for Earth Week! The match period is April 22nd through 30th. MBB will receive a 20% match for every blue bag turned in during this time. We received a $105 match during the Holiday Give match in December.

Since we are limited to turning in 10 total blue bags per day, I scheduled a drop off at the Beaverton Redemption Center (9307 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy) on Friday, April 23rd from 11:00 – noon. During this time we can turn in up to 50 blue bags! I’ll be there during this time to collect/turn in bags that you drop off. Just look for a tan BMW X3 SUV in the parking lot.

Let’s see if we can turn in 75 bags during the match week. If you have blue bags ready to go now, please consider waiting until match week to turn them in, or email/text me (info. below) and I’ll come pick them up and store/turn them in on April 23rd.

Your participation in this fundraiser is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Laura Mattingly

March 20, 2021: MHS Spring Band & Guard Rehearsals

Hello Mountainside Band Students & Families,

UPDATE: Form link should allow ANYONE to fill out the form, not just BSD emails. Sorry about that. In addition, please sign up as soon as you can. I will be make cohorts on next Sunday evening (3/28) and sending it to the Athletic Trainer, Director, and school nurse for Monday's rehearsals.

As we approach spring break, we need to inform you of some good news and new opportunities open to everyone in the program. The MHS Band Parent Board (MBB) approved a budget for funding spring rehearsals for our programs!!! We are going to be offering spring rehearsals for each of our sections (woodwinds, brass, percussion, guard) starting on the week of March 29th till the week of May 24th.

Each section will have a slightly different focus as there are different needs within each group. We need to rehearse by section to stay in line with the guidance from the school district about in-person rehearsals. You will (hopefully) find all the information you will need below:

Who will be teaching? What will we do? When will we rehearse?

The staff will include Blake Kuroiwa and Kevin Jacobs for the winds, Nick Rose for percussion, and Katy Burns and Lilly Perez for the guard.

Wind players (woodwinds and brass) will be focusing on playing a movement from Together as One, the marching show we were going to perform this fall, as well as learn some marching basics to 1) prepare for marching band preview rehearsals in June and 2) just to get our bodies moving again. Percussionists will be using these rehearsals to learn and actually play on large percussion instruments that were not accessible to all students. In addition, there may be some integration of battery percussion as we get closer to June. The colorguard will learn and practice the basics of movement and dance as well as flag technique with dance and flag choreography taught throughout these rehearsals. Our ultimate goal is to prepare ourselves to potentially put out a culminating performance from these rehearsals if restrictions are lessened.

The spring rehearsal schedule can be found on our website,, on our calendar. Generally Winds will rehearse on Mondays & Wednesdays from 4-5:30, Percussion Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 5-6:30, and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5-6:30. If there are any changes or modifications, we will communicate that via email AND will be corrected on the calendar.

How will we stay safe during rehearsals?

Safety during these rehearsals will be our utmost priority. We will follow the guidelines and protocols created by Mountainsides Athletics, BSD, OHA, and ODE.

At the start of each rehearsal, students will complete a check in form via QR code provided by the staff to take attendance in cohort and for potential contract tracing. Students and staff MUST wear face coverings throughout rehearsals. Special PPE will be provided to musicians (both for playing and their instrument bell) that are instrument specific at NO COST. These will be distributed at the first rehearsal.

During rehearsal, proper social distancing will be maintained throughout exercises. If shared equipment is used (such as chairs, stands, or percussion equipment), they will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each cohort.

All rehearsals will take place outside (rain or shine in true band fashion) near the student parking lot (north end of the building). There will be no to limited use of the building as requirements to practice indoor lower our cohort numbers to 10 total members compared to the 40 outside. If it does rain, we will adapt and modify.

All of these guidelines will be strictly followed and enforced. If there are blatant, regular infractions, your student will be asked to leave and their eligibility to rehearse may/will be revoked. We take the safety of our community, students, and staff very seriously.

What do we need to do to sign up?

  1. If you are ready to jump in, we first need you to fill out the BSD Sports/Activity Waiver of Liability for COVID 19 Form. This form is required by BSD to participate in ANY on-campus, extracurricular activity.

  2. We then need you to fill out this Intent to Participate form. This is to collect the needed information to run these spring rehearsals such as cohort information, instrument PPE, guard and percussion supplies, etc.

Please know that if at any time in this process would like to stop rehearsing, you are welcomed to. There is NO FINANCIAL obligation to participate thanks to MBB who is covering ALL costs. This is an opportunity for ALL students in our program in ANY of our ensembles!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Jeremy Zander ( or Blake Kuroiwa ( at any time!

We look forward to rehearsing with you in-person post-Spring Break!

Till then,

Jeremy Zander, Blake Kuroiwa, & Katy Burns

March 15, 2021: What will band look like in hybrid?

Hello MHS Band families,

As you all are probably aware, today is the deadline to decide whether you will be continuing with CDL or beginning Hybrid learning next month.

A few people have reached out to ask me what band will look like during hybrid instruction. Since it may impact your decision one way or another, I want to let you know that band students will be playing during band class, but we will be following a number of precautions to minimize the risk of infection through the spread of aerosols. This includes wearing specialized masks and fitting bell covers on the ends of our instruments. If you want to read more about the scientific studies that demonstrate the efficacy of such measures, please look at the NFHS website here. I will be providing more details on these safety precautions in the days/weeks ahead.

I feel it's important you all know this before tonight's deadline. I realize that some of you may be uncomfortable with playing instruments while in-person at school due to any number of concerns. I also realize that others of you may wish to attend hybrid if it means you can make music together again. Whichever choice you make, know that I will do everything I can to support your child's music education!

I'm sorry for the late notice on this email - it was only today that the Oregon Dept. of Education announced updates to their Ready Schools Safe Learners document that clarified what is permitted with singing and playing of instruments while indoors.

Thank you for reading!


Mr. Zander