March 14, 2023: Spring Band Day, Comin’ Your Way!

Hey Band and Colorguard Families! 


I can’t believe I am typing these words, BUT…Spring Band Day is April 22nd, which is less than 6 weeks away!  Band Days are our biggest fundraisers of the year and are not only fun, but help us raise a lot of money to fund awesome opportunities for our entire band program like instruments, specialized instruction, clinicians and transportation.

What does Band Day look like?  Our students are teamed up into small groups and assigned to various neighborhoods within the Mountainside district, where they play fun tunes and ask for donations. These kids are always a big hit…but!  In order for this day to be successful, we will need 👉🏼35-40 drivers to help us shuttle approximately 👉🏼140 students and their instruments/flags to our neighborhood destinations.  Students are not allowed to drive for this event, so we need YOU to make it happen!

If you are ready to sign up now, head on over to and look for “2023 Spring Band Day Drivers.”  We need time to coordinate the groups and car assignments, so if you’re available on April 22nd from 9-4, please sign up TODAY!  *The faster you sign up, the less you’ll hear from me about it! 😉

Also, here are some other dates to put on your calendars:

3/18  Winterguard Performance @ Glencoe HS

3/21  Band Concert (CB, SM, WE) @ MHS, 7pm

4/01  Winterguard Championships @ Liberty HS

4/06  WOU Band Festival (CB & SB)

4/12  Metro-League Band Contest @ MHS (WE)

4/13  Metro-League Jazz Contest @ Sunset HS (Jazz 1 & 2)

4/22  BAND DAY!

4/28  State Chamber Ensemble Contest @ MHCC (qualifiers only)

4/29  State Solo Contest @ MHS (qualifiers only)

5/06  MHCC Jazz Festival

5/13  OSAA State Band Contest @ OSU (WE)

5/20  State Jazz Festival

5/30  Jazz Concert @ MHS, 7pm

5/31  Band Concert (CB, SB, WE) @ MHS, 7pm

6/06  Marching Band Preview Begins

All these events can be found on our website at

If you have any questions about Band Day, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at!

Thank you!

Stephanie Marr


March 14, 2023: Winter Guard FUNDrive - Soft Goods Donations!

Soft goods donation drop off reminder!  It's not too late to donate ♥️. Huge thanks to everyone who has already been able to participate.  

Keep those bags coming!

February 28, 2023: MBB Board Meeting 7pm

We are changing the meeting date this month. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please join us Tuesday, February 28 at 7:00 pm in the Community Room at MHS (across from the Band room).

Please join us!

ALL band parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions or items for the agenda should be emailed to

February 22, 2023: Solo & Ensemble Needs

Hello Band Families,

Next Saturday, March 4th, we have the privilege of hosting the District 15 OMEA Solo & Ensemble Contest at Mountainside High School.  This is a very exciting and important day for many student musicians in our greater community and we want to represent our school and band program well.  We would love YOUR help to make this day as successful as possible!  Please look over the following volunteer needs and sign up where you can today:

Performance Rooms Set-Up — 2-3 people (Friday afternoon, 3/3)

Help student volunteers set up performance rooms per detailed instructions.

Welcome Table — 3-hr shifts (Saturday, 3/4, 7:30-4:30)

Greet musicians and their families as they enter the school and direct them to their practice and performance rooms per the designated maps.

Elevator Monitor — 3-hr shifts (Saturday, 3/4, 7:30-4:30)

Operate school elevator with key for our guests who cannot use the stairs.  Would be helpful if you are comfortable giving out your number for guests to alert you when they are ready to come back down.

Performance Room Rest — 2-3 people (Saturday afternoon, 3/4)

Help student volunteers reset performance rooms to original classroom design at the end of day.  Help remove directional signs and arrows from walls.

Head to to sign up TODAY!

Thank you!

February 4, 2023: Congratulations Henry Marr!

February 2, 2023: MBB Board Meeting 7pm

The next meeting of the MBB board will take place on Thursday, February 2nd at 7pm in the MHS Community Room (across from the Band room).

Our Board Meetings are on the first Thursday of every month. Please join us!

ALL band parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions or items for the agenda should be emailed to

January 27, 2023: Band & Guard Parents, WE NEED YOU!

Hey Band & Guard Families!

We are about half-way through an awesome year and looking forward to great things this next semester!

The Mavericks Band Boosters are actively seeking a handful of dedicated parents/guardians to fill our open board and coordinator positions to finish out this year and also serve in the 2023-2024 school year.  The MBB is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that exists to support all Mountainside High School band and colorguard programs.  We provide fundraising, volunteers and hands-on help to make our programs the very best they can be for our students.   We hold monthly meetings, on the first Thursday of every month (all parents/guardians welcome!).

Would you take a few minutes to read over the open positions and consider joining us?  All positions are yearly commitments.  We are hoping for parents who would like to jump in and start shadowing now, and continue their commitment through the next school year.


Co-Secretary (1)

This is a shared position that manages student forms (all activities), takes notes at monthly board meetings and assists parents at registration meetings (marching/guard).  We currently have one parent in this position who you would shadow/help for the remainder of this school year.

Co-Volunteer Coordinators (2)

This is a shared position that helps in the recruitment of volunteers for our programs ( all band/guard).  These individuals should have good communication and time-management skills and be comfortable around a computer.  Most of this job can be completed from the comfort of your own couch!  There are currently no volunteer coordinators, but you would shadow and be trained by me (Stephanie) until you were comfortable taking over.

Co-Director of Fundraising

This is a shared position that oversees our fundraising activities and sponsorship program.  These individuals connect with and raise support from our amazing neighboring community.  We currently have one parent in this position who you would shadow/help for the remainder of this school year.


Band Day Coordinator

This person helps organize and run our biggest fundraisers of the year!  Band Day is a full day (Saturday) event where groups of students walk our school’s neighborhoods, knock on doors, play their instruments and throw their flags to raise money.  Band Day occurs twice a year: once in the Fall (marching band only) and once in the Spring (all school bands).  We need a point person to plan and assign neighborhood routes for student groups (routes already established), place and remove signs before/after event and oversee the general planning and needs for these important fundraising days.

Bottle-Drop Coordinator (for 2023-2024)

This person would be our point of contact with the Bottle Drop organization and would be responsible for keeping our blue bag supply at the school filled, providing blue bags to families as needed, collecting blue bags from the band room, occasionally making bag drops, and coordinating two matching events per year.  We currently have a parent in this position who could begin the training process for a smooth transition to next year.

BFoM (Beaverton Friends of Music) Support

Have you ever wondered how decisions are made that affect students in the Beaverton School District? Beaverton Friends of Music (BFoM) is seeking new parents who want to learn about how to build positive, long term relationships with the administration and school board members. Join Ingrid Arnett, Mountainside's Director of Music Advocacy, at BFoM's monthly (virtual) meetings and learn more about how you might also be able to positively affect the future of arts education in our district in the years to come.

Did you make it this far?  THANK YOU for taking the time to look over our needs and for considering how you could play a part in helping make our band/guard programs the very best for our kids.  It must be said…we work as a team and have a lot of fun together!  If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Stephanie Marr

President Elect

Mountainside Bands & Ensembles

January 10, 2023: Beaverton Friends of Music (BFoM) Listening Session

Dear Parents of All Music Students,

We are writing to you with an urgent request. The Beaverton School District is currently holding listening sessions that will potentially inform the district's next strategic plan.

The next BSD listening session is January 10th from 6:30-7:30 at Mountainside High School in the Community Room - and we are in need of any and all you who can attend to be there. 

As you can imagine, it is critical that the board and administration hear from parents that music is one of the things you value for your student(s). Please, if you can, plan on attending the next listening session, and let them hear your feelings on the value and benefit of school music for your student(s).

Why is this request urgent? Because it is much more effective for decision makers to hear from you before they make changes that may affect the choices and opportunities our students have to take part in music at school. We must be proactive rather than reactive to ensure the continued access to music that our students enjoy today.

Does this request apply to you? Yes! How?

Did your student have opportunities in elementary school and middle school that helped prepare them for high school music? Does the existence of school music give your child a sense of community and fulfillment? Even if you have a student who will graduate before the new strategic plan is in place, please speak for those who will follow!

There is something else you should know. The health of high school programs like the ones we have at Mountainside are dependent on many things, including the existence and quality of middle school programs.

Did you know that the district implemented a Common Middle School Experience two years ago that ensured ALL middle schools offer both band and choir and a choice of two electives plus PE? Before the CME policy was in place, students across the district did not have the same foundation and did not enter high school ready to excel together with their peers. We must show our support for equitable access to music for all students.

So, please come to the listening session and speak up for music now when it is most important. Let your voice be heard in support of k-12 music; equal access and choices for all students; and quality instruction at the elementary, middle, and high school level. If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid Arnett at

Thank you! 

Ingrid Arnett

MBB Director of Music Advocacy

January 5, 2023: MBB Board Meeting 7pm

The next meeting of the MBB board will take place on January 5th at 7pm in the MHS Community Room (across from the Band room).

Our Board Meetings are on the first Thursday of every month. Please join us!

ALL band parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions or items for the agenda should be emailed to

January 3, 2023: Basketball Band Reminders

Dear MHS Band Members,

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Basketball Band season begins tonight with a performance by the Blue Band - call time is 5pm. We will distribute T-shirts for students as they arrive tonight (Silver band members are welcome to come tonight, but will be able to pick them up at their first game next week, too.)


The full Basketball Band Info document and finalized rosters have been emailed in case you need to review anything.

Thanks! Go Mavs!

Jeremy M. Zander

Director of Bands

Mountainside High School

OMEA Immediate Past-President

December 21, 2022: BSD Activity Fee for Band

Dear MHS Band Students,

I've been contacted by a few of you over the past few weeks regarding a fee posted to your students' accounts for their participation in a band class. BSD imposes an $85 ASB activity fee for all students who are enrolled in a band, choir, orchestra, or theater class OR are in an extra-curricular group (musical, marching band, etc.). The disclosure for this fee was posted in the course catalog last spring. 

It is important to note that each student is only required to pay this fee once per year, so if you already paid this around the time of marching band registration, you do not need to pay it again! Also, consideration is given to families who meet eligibility for free/reduced lunch. Please contact the MHS bookkeeping office if you have further questions about this fee.

Thank you!

Jeremy M. Zander

Director of Bands

Mountainside High School

OMEA Immediate Past-President

December 20, 2022: MBB received a $283.98 donation from AmazonSmile!

AmazonSmile has made a charitable donation to the Mavericks Band Boosters, in the amount of $283.98 as a result of qualifying purchases made by customers between July 1st - September 30th.

Thanks to customers shopping at or using the Amazon app with AmazonSmile turned ON, everyday purchases make an impact. So far, AmazonSmile has donated:

$1,261.74 to Mavericks Band Boosters

View your Impact or activate your AmazonSmile account by clicking here!

December 2, 2022: Basketball Band Info 2023

Please read the email sent out by Mr Zander today (12/2) and review the attachments that detail the expectations for Basketball Band. 

8th grade marching band members, you are invited to attend any of the basketball games. Please let Mr Zander know if you'd like to be added to a roster!

Please let Mr Zander know via email if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

December 1, 2022: MBB Board Meeting 7pm

The next meeting of the MBB board will take place on Thursday, December 1st at 7pm in the MHS Community Room (across from the band room).

ALL band parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions or items for the agenda should be emailed to

November 30, 2022: Last Chance for BottleDrop Matching!

Thursday, December 1st, is our last chance to receive a 20% match on our blue bags!  If you have bags to contribute but need help getting them to the BottleDrop Redemption Center, please contact Liz Philbrook ASAP to schedule a pick-up/drop-off time.

Liz Philbrook


Thank you for helping make our program awesome!

November 30, 2022: Last Chance for Color Guard's Winter Wreath fundraiser

If you would like to purchase anything please contact Heather at  She will deliver them to you or the School, if you live in the area.  Thanks for your support! (View Heather's post on the Mountainside Bands & Band Boosters - Members, Parents, Staff, & Alumni Facebook page for the most current availability.)

November 29, 2022: Yuletide at Mountainside Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets for the 2022 Yuletide at Mountainside are on sale now! 

For those who don't know, Yuletide at Mountainside is our annual musical holiday extravaganza featuring performances by our bands and choirs as well as a number of small student-led ensembles. It is a magical experience for our audience and we look forward to seeing you there! Performances will be in the MHS auditorium at 7pm on Tuesday, December 13th, Wednesday, December 14th, and Thursday, December 15th.

New this year - Cocoa, Cookies, and Carols Night: Wednesday’s ticket price includes admission to a pre-show gathering. The doors to the Commons will open at 6:15, where our guests will be treated to comforting cocoa, delicious cookies, and festive holiday carols before the main show starts. 

Ordering tickets in advance is strongly advised, as we anticipate the possibility of sold out performances. Tickets may be ordered at and are priced as follows:

Tuesday/Thursday Prices:

Wednesday Prices (including pre-show Cookies, Carols, and Cocoa):

Get your tickets today!

November 21, 2022: Congratulations All-Northwest Honor Group Music Conference students!

Congratulations to the following students from Mountainside HS who were selected to participate in an All-Northwest Honor group at this year’s All-Northwest Music Conference:

All-Northwest Honor Band

Liam Andrews (percussion)

Tori Hand, All-NW Band (percussion)

Henry Marr, All-NW Band (trumpet)

Kalina Rencher, All-NW Band (flute)


All-Northwest Honor Orchestra:

Carter Cluff (percussion)

Rowan Oakes-Harada (horn)


These students were selected among thousands of applicants from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana. Congrats to them for this huge achievement!

November 8, 2022: Marching Band Award Banquet

The Marching Band Awards Banquet is right around the corner!  This special evening is a celebration of our kids’ hard work and accomplishments over the last 2.5 months.  Our students (and staff!) are amazing and we want to celebrate them with a delicious dessert potluck, so please join us and bring a treat to share!

When: Tuesday, November 8th

Time: 7:30 - 9:00pm

Where: MHS Commons

Who: All marching & guard students AND their families!

Bring: A dessert to share, homemade or store-bought

Volunteer on the Pit Crew for the NWAPA Championships

The NWAPA Championships at Autzen Stadium is this Saturday!  Our students have worked so hard and have accomplished amazing things this season, and we are excited to support and cheer them on this Saturday!

We are *almost* there in terms of volunteer needs, but we need SIX MORE volunteers for Pit Crew.  We don’t have our official itinerary yet, but we would need you for the entirety of the day in Eugene, from about mid-morning until about 10 PM in the evening (firm details coming).  It’s a long day but an AWESOME day with the best parent community around!  Can YOU help us out?

What does Pit Crew do?

You would arrive first to Autzen Stadium and help unload our trucks of all equipment and instruments.  This team puts together Camp Mountainside — setting up the tents and creating our uniform and food stations.  When students are warming up or performing, Pit Crews helps push the front ensemble instruments and equipment to where it needs to go (for both prelims and finals).  At the conclusion of our final performance, Pit Crew will tear down Camp Mountainside, then reload the trucks and head home.  These amazing parents are the backbone of our whole operation and we are so grateful for how they take care of our students and volunteer teams!

Please consider joining us for this awesome finale to our 2022 season.  Go to and look for “2022 Pit Crew - Competitions” to sign up TODAY

Oct 31,2022: Prep for Championships this weekend and the End of Marching Season

It's championships week! Please note:

Oct 31,2022: Schedule Change this Week

This week we prepare for the most important performance of the season, NWAPA Championships. Due to this and the successes of the football team, we have a few updates for this Thursday and Friday. Please see the details below:



Thank you all for being flexible and understanding as we prepare for this weekend as well as supporting our football team. If you have any questions or concerns, please let Blake Kuroiwa know.

Century Showcase 2022: 5th Place

Congratulations to our hard working musicians.  Great energy in the run at the Century Showcase!

Oct 29, 2022: Century Showcase Volunteers Needed

Please consider spending the day with the absolute BEST students and most AMAZING parent community?  Your help means everything to our students and also makes our comp days run smoothly and successfully.  Please don’t wait to sign up as this can make it hard to plan our day.  Head to and sign up NOW!

Saturday, October 29th - Century Showcase @ Hillsboro Stadium

*Pit Crew -  Arrive early to Camp Mountainside to set up camp, push front ensemble and other equipment to warm-ups and on/off field for shows, tear down camp at end of day and unload trucks back at school.  THIS TEAM IS ESSENTIAL TO THE SUCCESS OF OUR DAY.  Without a full pit-crew, we cannot get equipment on and off the field in a timely manner (this can count against us!) and parents/students will be pulling double duty.

*Chaperones -Ride bus to and from competition, accompany students throughout the day, help keep students safe, assist students as needed.

👉🏼 Both of these roles have a lot of downtime and opportunities to sit and enjoy the company of other parents (or to read a book!).  And volunteers get a front row seat to our show!

Liberty Marching Arts Challenge:  High Visuals and 2nd Place Overall

Congratulations to our students for recieving High Visurals and placing 2nd overall at the Liberty March Arts Challenge!  

Band Booster Sponsorship Program

We are very excited to announce our updated Mavericks Band Boosters sponsorship program. Our new sponsorship perks provide numerous opportunities for our community to engage with and support local businesses, while also raising funds for our amazing music program at Mountainside High School.

As many of you know, getting adequate funding to provide students with a high school level music program requires a lot of support. Oftentimes, funding for the arts program is the first to get cut in a school's budget. With your help, we can build and maintain a program that is diverse and competitive.

Please consider becoming a Patron by donating as little as $20 or sign up for one of our Business Level sponsorship tiers. If you know a business owner in the area who you think would like to join us, direct them to our website. Note: All sponsors must fill out and return the 2022-2023 Sponsorship Form to be eligible for any sponsor perks. After receiving your form and payment the fundraising team will reach out to you directly.

Thank you for your support!

What does it take to be in Marching Band?

Food Donations Needed: Drop off Oct 20th

Our food team is busy planning another delicious meal for students and volunteers at our next competition, but would love some help providing desserts and drinks.  If you are able to help, please sign up here:

Desserts can be homemade or store bought. Please drop off all donations at MHS on October 20th between 7:00-7:30pm by the outside doors to the band hall, or email to make other arrangements.

Thank you for helping fill bellies and putting smiles on our students' faces! 

Volunteers Needed: Liberty Marching Arts Challenge at Hillsboro Stadium

Our next competition is in less than two weeks and we have lots of opportunities available for you to help out.  Volunteers get a front row seat to our show!  You can sign up TODAY at  The quicker we fill these roles, the less you’ll hear from me! 😉

Friday, October 21st — Truck Loading from 5-7pm

*Truck Loaders (NEED 3 MORE)

- Come help load up the trucks for competition!  Bring your work gloves and wear closed toe shoes! **Most equipment is on wheels but some items do require a bit of muscle.

Saturday, October 22nd - Liberty Marching Arts Challenge @ Hillsboro Stadium


- Ride bus with students to and from competition.  Accompany students for the entirety of competition day, helping with various needs as they come up.  Please look for specific sign up (Band or Colorguard).

*Pit Crew (NEED 7 MORE)

- This essential team arrives at competition site first, sets up Camp Mountainside (tents, uniform & food stations, benches, etc), helps students push equipment on and off the field for each performance (2x each competition day), breaks down Camp Mountainside at conclusion of day and helps unload the truck at the school.  These volunteers are the bones of our whole operation and we cannot do competition days without them!

As always, we are so grateful for our parents and how you make our band community a fun and positive place to belong!  THANK YOU to everyone who is already signed up to serve in various roles next week!

Questions?  Please email me at 

Sherwood Fall Showcase: 2nd Overall

Congratulations to our students for placing 2nd overall at the Sherwood Fall Showcase!  We had an awesome day, thanks to our students’ hard work and all the amazing parents who stepped in to volunteer.

Marching Season Competition FAQ

]What is the difference between Preliminary and Finals?  Most competitions consist of two parts.  Preliminary Competition (or prelims) happens in the morning and early afternoon. Finals Competition takes place in the evening.  All groups perform in prelims, while only those who are invited stay for the finals.  This number varies according to the venue, but is between 15-20 bands.  If fewer than 15 bands performed in prelims, then all of the bands will typically return for finals. 

How is the order of performance determined?  Prelim performance time is based on a lottery system.  At a meeting held in August, the show order is determined in a random drawing to determine which order the individual bands will go in within their class. Depending on the number of participating bands, the first performance is sometime around 9 or 10am, with the last prelim performance around 3:30.  After an awards ceremony and a dinner break, the Finals begin. 

Finals performance order is in reverse order of the preliminary scores without regard to classification.  That is, the highest scoring preliminary band will go last in Finals.  Finals awards are generally at 9:45pm.  It is a long but very eventful and rewarding day! 

What is A Class? AA Class? AAA Class?  There are four classes of performing groups.  Class A contains the smaller groups, while AAAA is the largest groups.  

What is the Awards Retreat?  For both Prelims and Finals, representatives from the band (usually the Drum Majors and Guard Captains) line up on the field and wait for the results to be announced.  When their school's name is called, the representatives salute and step forward to receive any trophies/awards.  It is also quite common for representatives to honor other bands by saluting them in some fashion when they receive an award.   

How are the bands scored at competition?  Six judges evaluate each group at each performance.  Details for scoring are listed in the program for the event (these cost anywhere from $2-$5, depending on the venue, but are usually worth every penny).  The categories include Music General Effect, Music Ensemble, Music Individual, Visual General Effect, Visual Ensemble, and Visual Individual.  Different categories hold different weights toward the total score. The maximum score is 100. Trophies are given for third, second, and first place, as well as for "Caption Awards", such as High General Effect (combined Visual GE and Music GE), High Visual (combined individual and ensemble visual), High Music (combined individual and ensemble music), High Percussion, and High Auxiliary.   

What should I know about etiquette at these events?  Even though competitions are held in football stadiums, fan behavior is not the same as at a game.  

There are definite protocol expectations that are common to all marching band competitions. 

What should I bring as an audience member?  You might be more comfortable if you bring: 



Jeremy M. Zander

Director of Bands

Mountainside High School

October 7 & 8, 2022: Critical Need for Volunteers

We are critically low on volunteers.  Please look through the opportunities below and consider signing up to help with Pit Crew or as a Chaperone.  If we do not fill these roles, our students will not have the support they need to have a successful competition day.  Our kids have worked so hard to get to this point and we want to make sure they have everything they need!  Will you help?

👉🏼 All opportunities can be found at

Friday, 10/7 - Football Game

*Pit Crew (Need 7 more)

- Help students push equipment on and off field for halftime show.

Saturday, 10/8 - Competition @ Sherwood High School

🆘 Pit Crew (NEED 9 MORE)

- This essential team arrives at competition site first, sets up Camp Mountainside (tents, uniform & food stations, benches, etc), helps students push equipment on and off the field for each performance (2x each competition day), breaks down Camp Mountainside at conclusion of day and helps unload the truck at the school.  These volunteers are the bones of our whole operation and we cannot do competition days without them!

*Chaperones - Band (Need 3 more) & Colorguard (Need 1 more)

- Hang out with students for the entirety of competition day, helping with various needs as they come up.  Must be able to pull a wagon with water and other equipment.  Please look for specific sign up (Band or Colorguard).

THANK YOU to those who have already signed up and who have served in different roles this year so far.  Our marching program is awesome because we have amazing parents!  Let’s keep it going!

October 6, 2022: MBB Board Meeting 7pm

The next meeting of the MBB board will take place on October 6 at 7pm in the MHS Community Room (across from the band room).

If you are a Marching LEAD, please attend this meeting. We will have a short meeting to discuss the upcoming Sherwood Fall Showcase! 

ALL band parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions or items for the agenda should be emailed to

Order Show Shirts through Sept 20!

The wait is over! The apparel store for our Show Shirts is now OPEN!

PLEASE NOTE: All Marching and Color Guard members will receive a show t-shirt from the Band Boosters. Anything in addition to the t-shirt will need to be ordered through the link provided.

The store will only be open for ONE WEEK. So please don't hesitate ordering your merchandise. 

Store Opens: 9/12/22

Store Closes: 9/20/22

Pick-up/ Ship: 10/5/22

Please reach out if you have any questions at 

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities!

Lots of upcoming volunteer opportunities for you to sign up for!

Saturday, 9/17 - Front Walls Work Party

*10:00am - 1:00pm

We need help putting the front walls for our show together!  This includes removing the old vinyls, minor repairs to the frames as needed, ironing out the new vinyls and attaching them to the frames.  No experience necessary!  If you are available THIS SATURDAY from 10-1, to start this process, please sign up on Better Impact — the more, the merrier.

Any of the following would be super helpful to bring:


-Flathead screwdriver

-An iron with a towel

-Staple gun w/staples

Thursday, 9/22 - Football Game

*Uniform Team

*Pit Crew

*Band Seating in Grandstands

Friday, 9/23 - Marching Band Picture Day

*Uniform Team

Sign up for these opportunities today at!  Thanks for helping make our band program awesome! 

September 10, 2022: Information for Beaverton Parade and Band Day

What to bring on Saturday for Beaverton Parade and Band Day:

• Under-Uniform apparel (black shoes, socks, shirt)

 • Band Day clothes • Instrument and supplies 

• LOTS of Water (to drink w lunch AND during band day) 

• Snacks (lunch is provided, but snacks are always a good idea) 

• Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses and other rehearsal supplies

Meet at the school at 8am and you will be dismissed at 5pm.

If you have any questions please contact 

How to Volunteer with the Mountainside Band

Parents that have not volunteered before… BSD requires that all volunteers complete an application and background check process in order to help at our events. The application page is:

•   If you are already an approved BSD volunteer and need to have Mountainside added to your profile… please email: (Note the underscores between words).

• Per OAR 333-019-1030, all volunteers — whether inside or outside, whether during the school day or after-school hours — must receive either two-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccine OR the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine AND be at least 14 days past their final vaccine dose.  At this point, booster shots are not required. 

Volunteers who are unable to be vaccinated due to a documented medical condition (including pregnancy) or due to a sincerely held religious belief must submit the required Oregon Health Authority (OHA) exception form. 

How to upload your vaccine card:

If you have any questions please contact 

September 10, 2022: Volunteers Needed for Beaverton Parade and Band Day

Saturday, September 10th will be a big day for the marching band and we still need quite a lot of help to make it happen!

Beaverton Parade:


We need volunteers to chaperone students at the parade.  Chaperones will ride the bus to and from parade, walk the parade route with students and help provide water when needed.  There will be one or two wagons to pull with water and emergency items.  This is a fun day in our community and a great way to represent our school! 8:00AM-12:30PM

Band Day:


We still need MANY more drivers to make this day possible.  Drivers will be grouped up with one or two other parents to drive pods of students to neighborhoods in our school boundary, where they will knock on doors, play their instruments and ask for donations.  Band Day is our most important fundraiser of the year, which helps make all of our band programs successful, including marching band.  Please sign up to be a part of this fun afternoon with students!  Car assignments will begin this coming Tuesday, so please don’t wait to sign up!  1:00-4:00PM

All volunteer opportunities can be found at  Please email me at if you have any questions.

Thank you for helping make our band program awesome!

September 1, 2022: MBB Board Meeting 7pm

The next meeting of the MBB board with take place on Thursday, September 1 at 7pm in the MHS Community Room (across from the band room).

ALL band parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions or items for the agenda should be emailed to

August 29, 2022: Band Online Store Now Open!

We are happy to announce that our MHS Band online store is open! Band apparel and accessories are offered for anyone who celebrates and enjoys music at Mountainside, and can be worn at competitions, festivals, and events all year long.

Order here:

Please note the online store CLOSES on September 12, 2022.  Don't hesitate in ordering your apparel! 

Items can be shipped to your home address or picked up at Adams Screenprint in Sherwood on October 3, 2022.  You may select which option best fits your needs as you complete your order.

Many items are available for personalization. This option is useful for students to be able to identify their specific swag since they will have identical items.

For our new marching families who may not know what to order, the most useful items for students have been the duffel bag (personalized) and warm clothing. 

We are offering some new items this year: MHS Performance t-shirt - black (dri-fit), Beanie, Booney Hat, and Fanny Pack!


Show Shirt - I apologize for the inconvenience, but the show shirt will be available in a separate online store that will be provided to you very soon. The Fall Marching show shirt design is offered in both t-shirt and pullover hoodie sweatshirt versions. The back of the shirt has a list of all the Marchers for our 2022 season. The pullover hoodie sweatshirt version can be personalized for an additional fee. 

Please Note: All of the marchers and color guard will receive a show t-shirt. Any additional items will need to be purchased. 

Please reach out if you have any questions at

August 27, 2022: Marching Band Preview Performance and Potluck

Welcome to our 2022 marching season!  We are excited to kick off another great year and what better way to do that than our annual Parent Preview Performance & Potluck?!  On Saturday, August 27th at 5 PM, your family is invited to join us for a BBQ potluck, followed by a preview performance, where our students will show us all the amazing things they have learned during band camp.  You won't want to miss it!  

The Mavericks Band Boosters will be providing burgers, buns and condiments for all in attendance but we would love your help in providing sides, desserts and drinks for this event.  You can visit this link to sign up for items today: Food Donation Sign-Up.  All food items can be delivered to the tables set up by the stadium concessions between 4:30-4:45pm on 8/27.  If you are donating drinks, you can drop them off on 8/25 or 8/26 during the dinner block, between 5-6 pm at the school (someone will be near the outside doors to the band hall to receive your drink donations).

Also!  We need volunteers to make this evening a success, so if you are able to help us with any of the roles listed below, please visit Better Impact at to sign up TODAY!

Thank you for helping us make this day a fun celebration of our students' hard work!   If you have any questions, please email

August 24, 2022: Volunteer FAQ Meeting

Getting closer to the start of a new school year means that football games and competition days are fast approaching (not to mention the Beaverton Parade and Band Day!).  If you haven’t heard me say this already, it takes a small city to make marching band happen!  Parents/guardians are an immeasurable resource to our program and make it possible for our students to have their best performances possible.

With many new incoming families this year, there are naturally a lot of questions about the various volunteer opportunities that make marching season run smoothly.  We would love for you to join us for a casual Volunteer FAQ Meeting on Wednesday, August 24th, from 5-6 PM.  Drop dinner off with your student and meet us in the Community Room (across the hall from the band room) where our volunteer leads will be available to provide insight to their specific roles and answer all your questions.

Marching Band Volunteer Opportunities:

If you are unable to join us on Wednesday, please feel free to email your inquires to  We look forward to seeing you there!

August 24, 2022: Mav Up Picture Day for Marching Band Students

Mav Up Days (School Pictures!): Don't forget the school has set aside a special time for marching band students and athletes to get ready for the school year. Our block of time is on Wednesday, Aug. 24th from 8-9am. This is NOT grade dependent. This is for all marching band students.

August 22-26, 2022: Band Camp Dress Up Days

As it is tradition, the colorguard has come up with themed dress up days this week to create and connect our great band community. My hope is that you will participate in AT LEAST ONE dress up day throughout this week. But also, during full ensemble, we will still need you to be in white and black for your respective sections. By the way, I also email and encourage our staff to also participate in these days as it is pretty fun for everyone! they are:

Email Excerpt from Blake Kuroiwa, 'Mid-Band Camp Update', Aug 21, 2022, 10:54 AM

August 13, 2022: Marching Band Registration/Info Meeting 

Mark your calendars for the Saturday, Aug 13th Marching Band Registration/Info Meeting and Uniform fitting. 

We will meet this Saturday at 9am in the MHS Auditorium for an informational meeting about the upcoming Marching Ensemble and Color Guard season.  At this meeting, we will cover the following topics: